This is why you should have suitable alternatives lined up in case of technical difficulties. Gesundheitspsychologin Britta Renner sieht darin eine steigende Belastung für Bürgerinnen und Bürger. shipments including dry ice etc.) Daily updates on Canon print services at the University of Konstanz at: Detailed information will be published on the website of the “Glaslager” soon.Initial cleaning equipment for all areas will be paid for by the university. If you need to enter the university outside these opening hours, please use the i-Punkt entrance (open Mondays to Saturdays from 6:00 to 21:00). 2. Please continue to follow the current distancing and hygiene regulations, i.e. At this time, the International Office prefers to issue transcripts digitally. If you are aware that the infected person has worked closely with other staff members over longer periods of time (see the leaflet below), you are free to ask these staff members to work from home as a precautionary measure until their contact status (category 1 or 2) has been confirmed, You have to remain in quarantine until you test negative and are consequently not permitted to. Business trips to regions NOT categorized as a risk area by the Robert Koch Institute (RKI) or as an infection “hot spot” within Germany (places with > 50 new cases per 100,000 residents in the past 7 days) can be approved by the relevant supervisors and Human Resources as long as a risk assessment has been completed for this trip. Contractors making deliveries to the university or Seezeit student services or completing an order placed by the university, Seezeit or Vermögen und Bau Baden-Württemberg (VBA); 3. Please notify Human Resources. The team will also gladly advise you on options and tools you can use for online events and online live events. Please also visit the website of our International Office, which contains a lot of information. External reviewers and external members of university committees; 7. Die Lehr- und Lernplattform ILIAS sowie die Cloud und andere digitale Dienste werden selbstverständlich im gewohnten Umfang weiter betrieben. In such a case, please discuss your plans with your advisor in Human Resources. Click Now to check the details! Risk areas are areas which have been classified as such by the Robert Koch Institute (RKI): List of RKI risk areas. Individuals with an active visiting researcher agreement; 2. In the context of final theses and if a corresponding risk assessment has been completed, students may participate in research carried out at the university’s human laboratories. Ist die Abgabe gebundener Exemplare vorgeschrieben (z. Der Krisenstab der Leibniz Universität Hannover beurteilt täglich die aktuelle Lage zur Ausbreitung des Coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 und entscheidet, wie die LUH bestmöglich auf die Situation reagieren kann. 3. Additional cleaning agents as well as paper towels will be available at the terminals for you to use at your convenience. Wir haben uns dazu entschieden, unsere neuen Erstsemester-Studierenden der Bachelorstudiengänge nicht nach Konstanz zu holen, sondern das gesamte 1. You can also contact our in-house physician via email. You will then receive your housing deposit, minus 50€ transaction fee. The next semester will most probably be organized in a hybrid form, where classes will be held partially online and partially on-campus. It is very likely that we will need to renominate you as usual. Please email your additional requirements (e.g. If you need special systems or drives for working at home that are not accessible via the general VPN access, please contact your supervisor. The Confirmation of Departure, also called Confirmation of Stay, officially confirms that you have ended your study stay at the University of Konstanz. External test persons may access the human laboratories only in exceptional cases and only after the Rectorate has granted the request submitted by the person responsible for the test. Dezember 2020 ist eine neue Fassung der allgemeinen Corona-Verordnung (CoronaVO) des Landes Baden-Württemberg in Kraft getreten. It doesnʼt matter if you register again at a different check-in point inside university buildings. For instance, it is not possible to back up your data on private devices used outside the university using Bacula. The decision rests with the employer. The university's experts will guide you through any steps that may become necessary. Manuel Wenger Arbeitsgebietsleiter. Both documents are on the. B. Online-Lehre, Experimente, Abgabefristen…). The Communication, Information, Media Centre (KIM) offers the following services in support of research and teaching:1. You also have to inform the following units/persons at the University of Konstanz, either via phone or email: Seminar teachers and lecturers in whose course a suspected case occurs have to see to it that the affected person leaves the campus (and remind the person to contact the family doctor). You can send requests and documents via in-house mail to: Zentraler Einkauf/Central Purchasing, box 214. Any data thus collected is stored safely for four weeks and deleted afterwards. In case you suspect a COVID-19 infection the following applies: In both cases, please take the following steps as prescribed in the university’s Hygiene Regulations and the state’s Corona Ordinance (CoronaVO): If you do not have a family doctor (or your doctor does not test for coronavirus), please phone one of the specialized practices listed for the Konstanz district. If you test negative for the coronavirus, you may be exempted from the prohibition to enter the campus in justified individual cases only. More information on this topic (in German). On-campus teaching will only be possible in urgently necessary and epidemiologically acceptable instances to ensure that studies can continue in the winter term. Gebäuden der Hochschulen in Baden-Württemberg bis mindestens zum 3. As per paragraph 3, they include an extended requirement to wear a face mask that goes beyond the requirement laid out in the general Corona Ordinance of the state of Baden-Württemberg and the Corona Ordinance "Studienbetrieb und Kunst" (university operations and art). Both documents are on the. It summarizes what to do as a contact of people with confirmed coronavirus. 03/123456) und Ihrem Bibliotheks-Passwort an, um ein Subito-Ticket zu … Staff members who can not promise to do so are obliged to give their supervisor a phone number under which they can regularly be contacted. Should this be the case, all supervisors (also in the departments) will be asked to provide a list with all purchases made for the home offices. Applicants who, after an initial (round of) online job interview(s), are among the finalists, if the final job interview is conducted on campus; individuals who have been invited to visit the university for their appointment as civil servants or to settle matters related to their employment contract; 6. Ausführliche Informationen: Beschäftigung schwangerer Frauen im Hinblick auf eine Ansteckung mit dem Coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2) Information auf der Webseite "Präsenzbetrieb unter Auflagen", Punkt 9.2.Kontakt zuständige Fachabteilung:Wolfgang Hellstern, Arbeitssicherheit, Gesundheitsschutz und Umweltschutz, Die Gesundheitsämter im Land haben angesichts der Entwicklung der Pandemielage weiteren personellen Unterstützungsbedarf insbesondere bei der Kontaktpersonennachverfolgung. studis.uni-konstanz… No, staff members are not released from their duty to work. This option is available to staff members with ongoing childcare responsibilities as well as to staff members who are caring for relatives. Travellers should thus contact their travel health insurance provider for further details. You should book, collect and return the KIM.MediaBOX at the KIM Library and IT Support desk in the libraryʼs Information Centre. Further information is listed on the "Audio and video conferencing" website. The University of Konstanz's Central Purchasing unit is able to place external orders. All units must assure that they continue to be available during the core working hours. Please note that these are two different processes and that the reimbursements cannot be combined. wearing a face covering) may cause additional stress to expectant mothers. The University of Konstanz undertook the refurbishment of its library to bring the 1960s style setting in line with the demands of the digitalised world: the 18,000 m² space was to be transformed into a future-oriented service environment that would provide an attractive learning centre for the entire university, without detracting from the historic character of the building. However, you may order catering services if food and drink is individually wrapped and participants can collect their portions individually and in keeping with the distancing and hygiene regulations. Antworten auf Fragen zur aktuellen Situation an der Universität Konstanz finden Sie hier . For reasons of infection protection on campus as the restrictions are gradually eased our Rectorate, with the consent of the Staff Council, passed general Hygiene Regulations. Please contact your supervisor if you have any questions. Corona Infoline: Herzliche Grüße Yvonne Viesel Please bring along the following documents: Access to the normal university IT systems is provided by our Communication, Information, Media Centre (KIM) to the usual extent. „Meine Universität“ ist Ihr persönlicher, geschützter Bereich auf der Website. For science it means interesting research. Dies gilt insbesondere auch, sollte die Schließung der Bibliothek auch über den 10. Even if you cannot physically go abroad for a semester, you can still take part in online courses offered by your host university. Master of Science Master's Degree (M. It is also not clear when countries will reopen their borders. Januar 2021 geschlossen werden. We would like to guarantee a postponement of your exchange, but we still have to evaluate each individual case. Please send an open version of this file so the purchasing team can directly copy and paste the content. In Anlehnung an die geänderte allgemeine Corona-Verordnung des Landes Baden-Württemberg wird die Dauer des Betretungsverbotes zur Universität Konstanz für Kontaktpersonen Kategorie 1 sowie für Personen mit einer roten Meldung der Corona-Warn-App von 14 auf zehn Tage verkürzt. „Meine Universität“ ist Ihr persönlicher, geschützter Bereich auf der Website. The class can be conducted on the next possible date. in Biological Sciences of The Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences of the University of Cologne . If you need advice on this matter or have questions, please contact our Event and Conference Management team ( or 88-5254 and 88-5276). Die KIM-Beratung beantwortet Fragen gern bis einschließlich 23. To obtain permission, the person issuing the invitation must submit an application to the Rectorate which must contain a meaningful justification as to why the visit is necessary as well as information about hygiene provisions.Contact:Tilo Prautzsch, Facility Management. More information is available on the website of the Federal Ministry of Health and on the website of the German Federal Institute for Risk Assessment. There is currently a database available for universities in Europe. A prerequisite for this is that these courses are urgently necessary (and epidemiologically acceptable) to ensure that studies can continue as planned during the winter term. 2 Millionen Bücher - lesen Sie doch, wann Sie wollen! This can be installed on any PC without help from an administrator: As with any other web conferencing tools, the quality of the transmission depends on the network load at the time of the video call. Your home university will provide you with all required Erasmus+ forms. This is why itʼs all the more important to protect and safely store your work-related data using the universityʼs various storage services. The Bite online application portal now offers the option of conducting interviews via video conference. Liquid nitrogen will be available for collection Mondays to Fridays from 9 to 12 from the universityʼs "Stickstoffabfüllung" (L building, room 537). The following conditions apply: University members (students, staff and copy card holders) may place print orders. The research groups and university units worked alongside the deans and the Kanzler to develop concepts for accessing the university buildings during conditional on-site operations. Das Ministerium für Wissenschaft, Forschung und Kunst (MWK) Baden-Württemberg bittet deshalb erneut um Unterstützung seitens des Hochschulen. You can do so next to the time stamp clock on level W5. Everyone is welcome! 1 Corona Ordinance (CoronaVO)), see FAQ 1.4. You may experience some minor disruptions, which you are very welcome to report back to support@uni-konstanz.deMore information3. Aufgrund der allgemeinen Maßnahmen zur Eindämmung der Pandemie werden bis zum Ende des Wintersemesters 20/21 Präsenzlehrveranstaltungen und -prüfungen nur in stark reduzierter Form angeboten. Weitere Informationen erhalten Sie wie gewohnt auf der Website der Universität Konstanz unter Any staff member who shares a household with someone who belongs to a risk group is also welcome to seek advice. A cancellation of the housing contract is possible until two weeks before the semester starts. In connection with the new registration system that Seezeit has been using at the crossing between A5 and K5 since Wednesday, 14 October 2020, the university entrance on level K4 has been closed again. Please contact Human Resources if this applies to you. If you have questions or require information, please email Ingo Biesenthal at Melden Sie sich an, um auf „Meine Universität“ und passwortgeschützte Bereiche zugreifen zu können. Welcome, Prof. Dr. Stefan Niemann (Chair of Macroeconomics) 16.11.2020. Founded in 1743, Friedrich-Alexander-Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg (FAU) is now one of the largest research universities in Germany with 39.000 students. Please note, that, in this case, you will need to submit a new application to the International Office for this programme. Please make an effort to observe the required safety distance as well as can be done; please also take note of any signposting or barriers on site. The course can continue at the next possible date. Please bear in mind that the situation could change and new regulations could be implemented in Germany and in your host country on short notice. practice social distancing, follow the hygiene rules, wear a face covering and make sure to ventilate your work space. It has been successful in all funding lines of both the German Excellence Initiative and the Excellence Strategy since 2007. For further information (e.g. This means that you will also need to check in at the building entrance if you have booked a space in the library, i.e. 3. The guest ID card must be returned to Human Resources after the individual in question has left the university. Auch das Wintersemester 20/21 wird noch unter Pandemiebedingungen laufen. Room: V 816 Write an e-mail Responsibilities. Should you notice the symptoms after already having entered the university premises, you have to, It is very important that you contact our in-house physician, Heike Strauß, in such a case, either, Please also inform the corresponding persons/units (see above) via, Please ask the student in question to complete the. They are also obliged to check the university website twice per day. The most current options are published (in German) in the DAAD scholarship database. Im Times Higher Education Ranking (THE) erreichte sie 2016 den 175. This means that, in case of an evacuation, you do not have to take any detours in order to observe distance regulations, and you also may use escape routes without a face mask in case of danger if you do not have one at hand. In der Exzellenzinitiative war sie 2007, 2012 und 2019 in allen drei Förderlinien erfolgreich und gehört damit zu den Eliteuniversitäten der Bundesrepublik. costs for travelling, semester tickets abroad, etc.). Special conditions apply to business trips to regions within Germany with more than 50 new cases per 100,000 residents. Like countless other businesses, the HSG has reacted to this unusual situation with a range of measures, not least digital ones. The booking form, instructions as well as additional information (in German) about the KIM.MediaBOX are available on the KIM website:2. The entrance next to the i-Point is open Mondays to Saturdays from 6:00 to 21.00. Information on data processing: The data recorded when scanning your ID card will be stored in a central database if the LAN connection is working. The University of Konstanz has once again been selected as one of eleven Universities of Excellence or consortia in Germany. In case of (practical) courses taught on campus, the rest of the course participants may be sent home for the rest of the day to allow instructed personnel to thoroughly clean the affected room. Please note that guest ID cards cannot be requested by guests themselvesContact:Franca Lovisi (extension 4391) or Brigitte Funk (extension 3622), Human Resources. The University of Konstanz's general hygiene regulations have been updated again as of 20 November 2020. The employer can request refunding for the incurred costs from the “Gesundheitsamt”. Committee meetings should be held online. Please use your transponders instead to log the times when you enter and leave the university on one of about 20 newly installed time recording terminals. Januar 2021 bis 14. Please request these forms from your home university and ask for the submission deadline. Accordingly, you are required to wear a face mask when taking part in any meetings or gatherings at the University of Konstanz with more than five participants (= six or more people) that take place in closed rooms – this means that anyone teaching on-campus classes, taking part in on-campus examinations and giving seminar presentations must wear a face mask, amongst others. Vor dem Hintergrund der andauernden Corona-Pandemie und auf Grundlage der Entscheidung des Senats der Universität Konstanz ist die Vorlesungszeit im Wintersemester 2020/2021 verschoben worden. Since some parts of courses and lectures will most likely be held on campus, it will not be possible to complete your exchange with the University of Konstanz completely online. 3 of the Corona Ordinance "Studienbetrieb und Kunst" (university operations and art), universities in the state of Baden-Württemberg are currently open to university members only; however, university management are free to admit additional groups of people. The hazardous waste team kindly asks all university members to observe these regulations. Students, their relatives or coordinators of our international partner universities may address their questions to our Corona Info Line from Monday to Thursday, 9:00-12:00, via telephone or anytime via e-mail: 0049 3683 688 9999 or Contact:Wolfgang Hellstern, Occupational Safety, Health and Environmental, Information from the Landratsamt Konstanz (district administration office). The amount of information our partner universities have provided varies widely, but we forward the information we do have to our students right away. Please keep your list on a device that you can access while on the go (e.g. This means that those who already are in the buildings can stay. Please follow the instructions on what to do if you have cold symptoms or are ill. You may still enter the university campus, even if you exhibit one or more of the risk factors and thus belong to a risk group (older than 60, high blood pressure, diabetes, a lung disease, a documented suppressed immune system). Contact:Wolfgang Hellstern (extension 3033), Occupational Safety team. In keeping with the rules defined below, doctoral researchers can be given access to the university, regardless of whether they have an employment contract. This is to help take the load off the health authorities and facilitate contact tracing in the event of an infection with SARS-CoV-2. and any hygiene measures that were taken (e.g. Der direkte Zugriff zum Volltext ist möglich, wenn die Universität Konstanz die Medien gekauft oder lizenziert hat. 7. of the University of Konstanzʼs Hygiene Regulations (e.g. Special conditions apply to business trips to regions within Germany with more than 50 new cases per 100,000 residents. Informationen zum Lockdown vom 16.12.2020 bis voraussichtlich 10.1.2021. März 2021 gelockert werden. We encourage you to take part in online courses offered at your host university. staff, if they are required to carry out a task on campus; 4. Das Rektorat der Universität Konstanz hat in seiner Sitzung am heutigen Mittwoch, 16. To sign in on arrival, please select "Kommen” (check in) (see image, the symbol in the bottom left-hand corner). When working from home, please document the precise amount of hours worked per day. Usually those are for free for a certain period, but after that a fee-based subscription starts. SPSS, Stata, etc.). Log in to access "My University" and the password-protected areas. Januar 2021. The same is true of email addresses for a particular purpose. Alle Informationen werden auf der Website veröffentlicht.. Bitte informieren Sie sich täglich, denn wir bilden jeweils den tagesaktuellen Status ab, auch was den Betrieb der Universität und die Durchführung von Präsenzveranstaltungen angeht.